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Investing in the social and emotional development of the next generation to build the business leaders and innovators critical for tomorrow's world.
Our Mission

Educate and leverage the sport of golf at the amateur, professional, brand, and property levels to the challenges of proper youth development.  Our charity’s responsibility in this process is to be a marketing arm to these institutions, a storyteller to the challenges being faced, a funding arm to the solutions being built, and to champion the results from our work for years to come.

The Power of Golf

Robert Jones Black is the great grandson of golfing great, Bobby Jones.  Though his golf career and impact on the game with the co-creation of Augusta National are celebrated, Bobby Jones possessed incredible emotional intelligence and understanding of the mental importance of golf and life.

There may be rightful arguments on who the best golfers of all time are, and justifiably so.  There is no argument on who understood the mental significance and symbolism that the game demands better than Bobby Jones.  Beautifully illustrated with one of his most famous quotes, "Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball as it lies," he constantly reminded us of the mental toughness that both the game and life demand.

We have now reached a critical moment in our children’s development. Technology, instant communication, COVID-induced isolation, pressures, stresses and information-overload threaten the very fabric of their psyches and how they see themselves relating to a world of growing global problems. Our goal is alert parents up, to listen to our youth and give them the tools to not only develop but become the leaders and free thinkers of tomorrow!   -Robert Jones Black




The AJGA Leadership Links Program was selected because of their focus on developing social support for our communities by leading their members through charity fundraisers.

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Dream Tank

Dream Tank was selected because of their international collaboration for for kids from all corners of the globe to support forward thinking and innovation in a safe environment.

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Positivity Project

The Positivity Project was selected for their rapid growth into over 700 schools nationwide providing their social & emotional learning curriculum for students led by teachers.

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Our Angel: Hayden Hunstable

On April 17th, 2020, a few months into the pandemic and school shutdowns, Robert’s business partner and his family suffered an unimaginable tragedy.  Their 12-year-old son, 3 days before his 13th birthday, committed suicide.  The path leading to his death was not one paved with mental health issues, but rather quite the contrary.  Hayden Hunstable went from a carefree, athletic, social, and exemplary student, to an anxious child with new signs of anger and frustration.  Hayden’s father and Robert’s business partner, Brad Hunstable, like many other parents dealing with the unknown impact that was happening to our youth in lockdown, was unable to diagnose these new behaviors as rapidly as they unfolded. 

5% of ALL donations will go to Hayden's Corner to stop the Teenage Suicide Crisis.


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